Antibiotic Resistance The Global Threat – Infographics

Antibiotic resistance – when bacteria change and cause antibiotics to fail – is happening RIGHT NOW, across the world

The full impact is unknown. There is no system in place to track antibiotic resistance globally

Without urgent action, many modern medicines could become obsolete, turning even common infections into deadly threats.

A Growing Crisis Worldwide

In the EUROPEAN UNION, antibiotic resistance causes 25,000 deaths per year and 2.5m extra hospital days[1]

In INDIA, over 58,000 babies died in one year as a result of infection with resistant bacteria usually passed on from their mothers [2]

In THAILAND, antibiotic resistance causes 38,000+ deaths per year and 3.2m hospital days [3]

In the UNITED STATES, antibiotic resistance causes 23,000+ deaths per year and >2.0m illnesses [4]

Causes of Antibiotic Resistance

  • Over-prescribing of antibiotics
  • Patients not taking antibiotics as prescribed
  • Unnecessary antibiotics used in agriculture
  • Poor infection control in hospitals and clinics
  • Poor hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Lack of rapid laboratory tests


How Can We Stop it?

  1. Improve labs:
    Countries need medical labs to identify bacteria and choose the right drugs to treat them.
  2. Collect and share data:
    Countries need systems to track cases and report results globally to make better policy decisions.
  3. Use antibiotics wisely:
    To ensure antibiotics are here when we need them, they must be prescribed and taken correctly now.
  4. Take measures to prevent infections:
    Especially in healthcare settings, good infection control practices are critical to stopping spread of resistant germs.

What do you think?

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buttered up
23 days ago

Great … more propaganda from the CDC about wearing masks. That’s all we need is a continued excuse to require people to wear masks and socially distance.

23 days ago

Ironically, hospitals and clinics are a cesspool for new strains of killer bacteria. There is an unfathomable number of people who die because they went to the hospital. They contract staph infections and die; they would have been alive/safer if they stayed at home.

23 days ago

Probably not in other countries, but I think the U.S. doctors have really cut down on the number of antibiotics they prescribe. Unfortunately, who knows what happens in countries like India. Europe used to sell antibiotics OTC!

tara talks
23 days ago

One huge problem is the over-use of antibiotics in animals. We don’t need extra antibiotics in our groceries!

smiley face
23 days ago

Unfortunately, covid-19 has taught me to question anything that comes from the CDC. They have been a political tool and can’t be trusted.



Posted by healthnut

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