All Tonight's NBA Playoff Games 'Boycotted' In "Protest" For Social Justice (

It appears boycotting entire games is the new “taking a knee”.

At least, that’s what breaking news out of the NBA is making it out to look like. Those who were ready for an afternoon of playoff basketball and were getting set to tune into this afternoon’s Milwaukee Bucks vs. Orlando Magic game 5 are going to be sorely disappointed.

Why? The Milwaukee Bucks are reportedly refusing to play.

The team “never took the floor before the start of Game 5 against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday” according to The same report says that “players across the league have been adamant that more needs to be done to effect social change after the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.”

The Orlando Magic followed suit, returning to their locker room since there was nobody to compete against. 

This should go over great with the league’s fans and the advertisers who have signed up for spots during the game today. Then the question becomes – if players chose to simply not play – what are the leagues and teams paying them for?

How long before people in other professions decide to simply walk out on their jobs in the name of “justice”?

What do you think?

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