27 steps to worst border crisis in 20 years

It has taken less than two months for the Biden administration to turn a controlled and quiet border into a major security and humanitarian crisis requiring the help of FEMA due to the 174% surge in illegal immigrants, some wearing T-shirts reading, “Biden Please Let Us In.”

The change has happened so fast that it has been hard to find what triggered it.

But thanks to research done by Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, ranking member Rep. James Comer has produced today a timeline of 27 actions related to the surge, including 22 by the administration to dismantle the border peace put in place by the former Trump administration.

The timeline, provided to Secrets, lists executive and legislative moves, statements from top officials, and unanswered letters demanding details of the crisis.

“The facts are clear: President Biden created a crisis at the border. Since day one in office, President Biden has done more to reopen the border to illegal immigrants and stimulate the human smuggling industry than reopen schools for America’s public school students and our economy,” said the Kentucky Republican.

The document, titled “Biden’s Border Crisis Timeline By The Numbers,” and shown below, first highlights the changing climate at the border, including a 317% increase in families crossing the border in February 2021 over February 2020….[   ]

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