2020 results set Republicans up for success in 2022 and beyond

Despite the presidential race being called for Democrat Joe Biden, November’s elections set up Republicans well for 2022 and beyond.

President Trump remained competitive enough in the battleground states to help down-ballot Republicans across the finish line. In other cases, Republicans such as Sen. Susan Collins of Maine were able to run well ahead of Trump to defy pollsters and hold onto their seats.

“Republicans might not be happy over the presidential election, but we are poised to take back the House and are likely going to do very well with redistricting,” said GOP strategist Ron Bonjean. “Additionally, the party was able to attract a sizable amount of Hispanic and Latino voters as well.”

The party is within a January Georgia double runoff of retaining the Senate, keeping Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in charge for at least the first two years of an anticipated Biden administration. But the GOP also gained seats in the House, reducing the Democratic majority to just 219 to 202 with over a dozen races still uncalled. [ … ]

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