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15 Sweet Websites for Awesome Free Artwork

Finding images for your landing page or new website is a crucial part of getting your indie hacking business off the ground. You want to look good on a budget, or for free!

I spend a lot of time on the Indie Hackers community forum and the discussion of where to find images comes up frequently. I thought it would be a good idea to collate all the image, illustrations, and photo resource recommendations found here on IndieHackers.

As part of the discussions, some people worry that their website will look like everyone else’s if everyone is using the same resources. Whilst this is a valid concern, you also need to remember that:

  • your target customer most likely has never come across others using these resources images
  • you can have a look at competitors or similar websites that your target customer may use and see what images are being used.
  • some of the resources below give you the option to easily customise the images. Switch things around. Mix and match. Use colours that match your brand. It’s very handy!
  • custom images, branding, and illustrations are great, but are probably more suited a bit further down the line once you feel like you have the money to invest in creating a long term brand

Following is a list of curated websites that indie hackers have repeatedly recommended. Most are free or low cost; others may have a paid-for option; and a couple are completely paid. Please pay attention to any licenses and behave responsibly and ethically when using images. [ … ]

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